There are two different kinds of Blister Packaging methods Packaids can process, please click one of the icons below to find out more.



Cardboard Trapped Blister Pack

A Trapped Blister Pack is the marrying of two peices of card (one with an aperture for the formed piece of plastic that will hold the product) bonded together using a cold seal latex glue to trap the product and blister securely. Once we have applied the glue, the bonding process can be carried out by the client post production up to 6 months with no further machinery required. Click the icon above to find out more.

Heat Seal Varnish Application

A heat sealed blister pack consists of a formed piece of PVC plastic (Blister) bonded to a litho printed board to securely trap a product by using a heat activated coating applied to the board. Click the icon above to find out more.


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