Packaids apply an overall heat seal gloss varnish to the front of a printed sheet.

If requested, we can then die cut, strip out and or trim to finish size. The finished size

card and plastic ‘blister’ can now be joined together (Packaids has a testing press,

but does not handle this fulfilment process).


Once the card, product and blister are placed together, heat, pressure and a short period of time is required. This is usually done by the blister being placed into a custom made aperture (to fit the blister cavity) so that the surrounding ‘flanges’ of the blister are still exposed (Usually sat on top of felt or rubber), the product is placed into the blister, and the printed treated card placed on top, facing down aligned into correct position.

A preheated plate is engaged and presses down onto the back of the board transferring heat while applying pressure to activate the heat seal varnish which then adheres the blisters ‘flanges’ to the front of the printed card. This creates a secure strong bond and the completed packed item.

Technical information for application of Heat Seal Varnish

Click this thumbnail above to download a pdf of our full technical fact sheet on Heat Seal Varnish.