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Promotional Paper Cup Sleeve / Grabber (Truncated Cone)

Cup sleeves (also known as coffee cozies, hot cup jackets, paper zarfs, coffee collars) can be a great promotional device for an event, big or small. Cup sizes tend to come into a few mainstream options of how many fluid ounces they hold from 4oz (114ml for espresso shot size), 8oz (227ml very commonly used at events) up to 12oz, 16oz and 20oz (Pint size!).

Auto glueing promotional Cup Sleeves made out of Board or Folding Box Board is not a problem here at Packaids, we introduce two creases and a glue flap so that we can fold over and convert, the item can then be popped open to fit the cup as and when needed.


Making the cutter can be a little daunting - Radius, slant height, pythagoras, upper and lower arcs all come into play...

We can of course help on this, we just need the following dimensions:

• Top Diameter of the Sleeve

• Bottom Diameter of the Sleeve

• Height of the Sleeve


With this information we are able to create the flat guide below which we can provide you back.

This illustration you see is a full length sleeve for a 16oz cup, requiring 85mm top diameter, 58mm bottom diameter and sleeve height of 132mm.

If you also need your artwork 'warped' to fit the arc, let us know and we can usually be of assistance there too.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

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