Our Mobile Side Sill Impact Protection System for your van is an essential if, like us, you are fed up of fork lift drivers using your van as a breaking mechanism!
The combination of strong solid oak and the heavy duty rubber insure impact protection and durability to last.
These are made to fit Mercedez Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter vans and are lacquered in a hardwearing black finish, however we can make to order for larger or smaller size footwells and colours to suit your house style.
If used from when the van is new, the system will protect vans from the notorious dents on your vans sill caused by fork lift loading and unloading, and they are mobile, ready for your next van in the future.

Mobile Side Sill Impact Protection System

  • Feel free to give Steve a call to arrange a free two week trial to see how you benefit from one of our wonderful impact systems.

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