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Having special cartons made can be tricky, but here at Packaids we turn that experience into a pleasure. We can design and manufacture almost any kind of carton or box – we can even print them if you require.


It doesn’t have to be a large production run and we work with many digital print companies that produce only a handful at a time. In contrast we have automated carton making machinery which will think nothing of turning out hundreds of thousands.

Why not give us a call about your carton - you won’t be disappointed!



Automatic glueing and make-up

From flat sheets or pre-diecut singles, automated glueing and make-up of CD/DVD Wallets, Pockets, Folders, envelopes Vape Cartons, e-liquid cartons and much more.


Side Seam Glueing

Straight line tuck in end carton glueing and double wall finishing.
Automated die cutting, in-line glueing, plough, fold and tuck possible from a small eye-liner pencil pack to a large box pack.

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Folder Gluer Fact Sheet

Click this thumbnail to download a pdf of our fact sheet on Folder Glueing


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