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This is a fast growing area of Packaids. Because of the nature of mailers, they can be of any shape and size but they will all have to be closed shut to go through the post.


We can carry out as much or as little of the production process of mailers as you like.

If you would like us to die cut, crease, fold and close then, of course, that is no problem.
If you would prefer us only to lift up the last fold and close, then again, we are happy to carry out this process.


Mailers can be closed in many ways. Most end up on our specialist machinery that applies either low tac gum or a tiny row of ‘hot dots’. The mailers can then be safely posted and opened by the recipient without destroying the print. Don’t be afraid of the shape of the finished mailer – our machinery is very adaptable.



High or Low Tac Adhesion

Application of glue onto mailers or Peel & Reveal items to be securely closed or to be 'Opened Once'.
Automated line which can plough and fold in addition


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