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This is perhaps what Packaids is best known for. We apply gum to thousands of sheets every week.


Gum can be applied in any shape to almost any type of material and sizes from A4 to B1.

We will always test your material to make sure the right amount gum is applied.


Having developed various gums over the years we are specialist in applying laser compatible gum that will go through a laser printer after application.


Very useful for Tear-off Reply Forms, Exam Sheet Covers, Bunting, Envelopes, Mail back forms, Application Forms, Pay Slips Security Gumming, Stamps, Bottling labels, Wrist Bands, Personnel Sheet Files, Tear-off Coupon Stamps. and also useful for adhering window posters/Car parking tickets which will only leave water soluble residue after use.


Click the PDF page below to see our full technical sheet on Packaids Remoist Gumming.

Remoist Gum Icon
Remoist Gum Fact Sheet

Click this thumbnail to download a pdf of our full technical fact sheet on Remoist Gum.


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