Claire, Steve, Matt and Linda Latex

Below are the pictures we all wanted to use, however, they were taken over seven years ago! Move your mouse over each of us to see present day reality!


Stephen Hutton



Steve has been involved in print since the mid eighties, strarting out in Account handling and sailing his way through to Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development at Ruscombe Printing where he was a Director.
Matthew Burgess



Upon leaving college, I was directred into an appreticeship in reprographics by my father (a litho printer) and so I was thrown into the wonderful world of print.
I have since gained darker circles round the eyes, but in fairness this could be down to my two young boys as well.
If you would like to know more details about me, please feel click this below to see my full profile.
Gabriela Pokrywka - "Gabi"

Account Executive


Gabi's introduction to Packaids started in 2013 within the factory assisting and also running many of the various machines producing finished items. With a wealth of experience and understanding of all the processes involved, Gabi has seamlessly transitioned into the role of client liaison, estimating and production planning here at Packaids, she is the linchpin that keeps all the cogs in place.
Linda Latex

Packaids Pin-up


Linda is our Senior Gum Adhesion Test Supervisor.