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This is the application of our latex coating onto the reverse of printed card in a pattern

stencil to match what will be the blister cards final die cut shape.


Once the latex has cured it will only form a bond with itself. This enables the sheets to be die cut to final shape, the blister and product to be positioned in place and the card folded over by hand. A light pressure will ensure that the latex-to-latex surfaces will not come apart forming a ‘fibre tear’ adhesion.


Some companies will have automated stamping presses to apply pressure, but the beauty of latex is that it requires no special equipment whatsoever, with the exception perhaps of an inexpensive wallpaper edge roller to assist with applying pressure.


The combination of printed card and clear blister creates a quality, informative, inexpensive and very well presented product.
This method of packaging is ideal for small or large items, and for small to large runs as the final packing of items is very straight forward, quick and cost effective.



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