Below you will find a selection of ideas and layouts for all kinds of items that we can adapt to your requirements. There may even be some solutions you've been looking for!


Nearly all the items below can be run automatically through one of our many machines, the list is mostly of concepts that can be adapted to the size you need.

If there is anything that you would like to know more about, Click the thumb for a bigger visual, and please do not hesitate to contact us for more assistance.

Infinity Mailer - also know as Never Ending Mailer or Magic Mailer


Below are two videos, one is an overview of how artwork is manipulated to create this mailer, the second is an in-depth step by step video giving advice. Feel free to contact us if you require templates for this...

4 Page Multiple Card Holder
Hotel Key Card Wallet
Card / Receipt Pocket Wallet
Stitchless Brochure Covers
Sturdy Catalogue Style Envelope
Diamond Flap Envelopes
Square Envelopes
Pocket Envelopes
Wallet Envelopes
Envelope with Receipt Tear Off
Bulk Out Capacity Envelopes
4pp Folder + 2 Pockets
4pp Folder + Pocket
4pp Folder + 2 Pockets
4pp Folder + Pocket & Insert Device
4pp Folder + 2 Pockets
Flat to Capacity Cartons
Box Sleeves
Pillow Packs
Carton with Display Header
Crash lock Presentation Cartons
Caddy Holders
Display Boxes with Display Header
Small Cartons
Carton Box
Peel & Reveal 4pp Advent Calendar
Peel & Reveal 2pp Advent Calendar
Peel & Reveal 6pp Advent Calendar
4 Page Photo Holder x 2 Apertures
2 Page Photo Holder x 2 Apertures


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